YOU | real estate is a subsidiary of Rehenergy. YOU real estate is a coalition of several real estate service partners. The thought and mission of YOU is that the real estate market can and should both be more sustainable and transparent, and at the same time the client should be at the centre of attention. With the trusted quality you should expect of a professional organization, but also with an modern approach:

  • Paperless as much as possible
  • Always available
  • Tailor-made service: YOU decide as a client what YOU want us to do, and YOU are in control of the costs, planning and outcome


Not only does YOU offer the opportunity to buy, sell or rent (out) property via YOU | Realtor services, we also provide possible adjacent services in matters such as moving house, but also for example in interior decorating or building inspections. Our slogan is ‘brokerage and more’.

YOU | Management offers tailor-made real estate property services. A perfect solution for those who want their property looked after.

YOU | Investments offers the opportunity to invest directly or indirectly in real estate. This way YOU can buy or rent properties, in The Netherlands or abroad; by yourself directly, or together with others using an investment vehicle such as a Ltd or a Dutch entity such as a CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap).

We will be more than happy to talk to you and discuss several options.