YOU tries to provide insight into which brokerages are competitive in the current market. The commission is partly dependent on the expected work, time and costs. In principle, the work to be performed, the time to be taken and the costs to be incurred are related to various factors that also determine the value of the home. Hence the indication of customized rates below.

However, because no two homes are the same, it is possible to deviate from the rates below in consultation. Ask your broker about it.

You can choose from (a combination of) the options 'Fixed', 'Percentage' or 'Enterprising':

of the:
Property value < 250k   250k-500k   > 500k    
Fixed 1,4%   1,25%   1%   Value
Percentage 1,2%   1,10%   0,90%   Selling price
Enterprising 1% 10% 0,90% 7% 0,75% 5% Selling price+ % >Target


Start-up costs (Included in the fees***)




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